We have developed a suite of tools and solutions to serve the Optimization and Planning engineers become more effective and efficient in troubleshooting network problems.
We were able to customize our solutions to integrate with most network carriers and vendor systems for seamless operation by engineers.
The ease of using these tools and the innovative approach to solving problems was recognized by engineers, managers as well as executive leaders.

iOpt (Intelligent Optmization and Planning Tools)

  • We have developed a suite of planning and optimization tools, geared towards intelligent automation of frequency planning and optimization activities.
  • The suite and the tools are modular and may be customized to specific client needs.
  • GUI is MapInfo like interface, allowing seamless representation and integration with clients existing tools and output files.
  • Additionally, the customized adapters allows pulling, parsing and loading data from any other utility or format.
  • It was the key component of Spectrum Craving for a Tier 1 operator in the whole north east region including New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philly, D.C, ..etc. We managed to carve 50% of spectrum while maintaining Accessibility and Call Drop Rates.

iTV ( Intelligent Trace Viewer )

Omega Wireless have developed a Call Trace analysis tool based on the vendor
call tracing capabilities.The aim of this tool is enable the Engineer/Tech to know what happens in the network:

–To most mobiles
–With all events (Drops, HO, Bad Voice Quality….)
–And WHERE that is happening

  • This will empower the Engineer/Tech to resolve most critical issues with minimum effort
  • It will also minimize or almost eliminate drive testing for troubleshooting
  • This will change the way optimization and planning is done in the wireless industry
  • Achieves Maximum Operational Effectiveness


  • We developed this tool using Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks.
  • This tool would capture the experience from multiple network issues, and adds it into an Expert System
  • This Expert System would act as the Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • This SME would effectively have hundreds of years in experience in troubleshooting based on specific network needs and issues